Server and Desktop Virtualization

A new generation of virtualization software means that its benefits are not just for enterprise sized businesses. The hardware consolidation and decreased costs that virtualization provide are now available to the SME market and they provide a short term ROI.

Top 5 benefits of sever virtualization;

1) Lower the number of physical servers - reduce maintenance costs and procurement costs.

2) Increase resource utilization - consolidating servers on to reduced amount of hardware can maximize efficiency.

3) Decrease Service Time - by separating your servers based on role it prevents them impacting on each other.

4) Increased Scalability - easily add more hard disk space or extra RAM to your virtualized servers without downtime.

5) Increased Flexibility - deploy multiple operating systems on a single hardware platform and easily move these servers to new hardware.

The scramble for virtualization technologies has resulted in businesses receiving poor advice IT network efficiency has suffered. However with a considered planning and implementation from Computhai you can be secure in the knowledge that costs will fall and productivity will increase.

Desktop Virtualization

The return of dumb terminals to the work place means that companies can now centralise their IT infrastructure even more and therefore reap the benefits of cut costs and increased efficiency. Again this type of virtualization requires careful planning and an infrastructure in place to accommodate it, however Clarity have the experience and the knowledge to advise you and implement this solution.

To inquire about how these technologies could benefit your business or if you would just like them explained in a bit more detail please feel free to call or email our office.

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